Janet Marie Bradley

About Me

From the micro consideration of DNA to the macro world surrounding us, subject matter and medium choices are endless.  My practice involves the use of books, chairs, metal, resin, paint, clay, mud, gold leaf and whatever looks interesting.  I also love the simple combination of paint on canvas or paper.

During my semi-nomadic life, I have lived in places such Anchorage Alaska, London, U.K., Paris and rural France.  My husband and I have recently moved back to our home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado after 16 years living abroad.  I hope to realise my dream of settling down and having all of my animals and books in one place.  Raising our beautiful, creative daughter has been my greatest joy.

I have an MA in Book Arts from the University of the Arts London at Camberwell and a BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado Boulder.


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  1. Nancy Hutto avatar
    Nancy Hutto Nov 19, 2012

    Wow Janet, This is a very thought provoking website.  Incredibly beautiful.  So great to see some of the trees that remind me of your artwork a long time ago.  Your picture is beautiful too.  I’d love to see your books in person.  I actually remember when you were doing one a while ago.  Hope to see or talk to you soon.  I think about you often my friend.  xxxoooNancy